Axiozoom V16

The Axio Zoom V16 is an apochromatic on-axis zoom microscope that  delivers both high resolution and a wide field of view. It combines its  16x zoom range with a high numerical aperture and long working distance  for the best qualities of both stereomicroscopes and compound  microscopes. This microscope is particularly strong for large tile image applications, allowing for fewer images to be taken, but at higher  resolutions. The motorized eZoom achieves extreme precision when  positioning its lenses to capture more details. The Axio Zoom V16 has  flexibility in its lighting techniques, utilizing traditional stereo  illumination techniques as well as its unique Epi-Illuminator Z coaxial  lighting. A variety of different stand, body, and photo port  configurations makes this zoom microscope ideal for many applications.


SteREO Discovery V12

New dimensions in operating comfort
Carl Zeiss is expanding the borders of stereomicroscopy with increase depth of field, excellent color reproduction, high-contrast images and significantly more image information. New patented optics provide improved resolution and contrast. The innovative operating concept SyCoP (Systems Control Panel) combines all essential functions of a stereomicroscope in a single handy operating unit. The sum of these advantages result in increased comfort and efficiency in the laboratory. With impressive stability and exceptionally large specimen room.

SteREO Discovery 12 is setting new standards in stereo microscopy – particularly for applications in materials research, quality control, biology and medical research. A New Dimension of Performance.

Discovery V8

SteREO Discovery V8

Compared with conventional entry level models the high-performance optics of the Discovery V8impresses with:

  • enhanced resolution
  • increased contrast
  • a perceptibly improved stereoscopic impression.

As a result, it offers an image brilliance that is without equal in this this class of instrument.

Benefit from a visible increase in information in all biomedical and industrial applications and experience a new view.

Stemi 508
With 8:1 zoom range - and apochromatic optics.

stemi-508 series

Stemi 508

Compact and functional. Equipped with apochromatic optics and precise mechanics designed for heavy workloads. This is your quality stereo microscope for everyday lab work and industrial inspections.

Stemi 508 displays your samples exactly as they are: rich in detail, sharp in focus and free from distortion or color fringes. Take advantage of its impressive stereoscopic image contrast. The large 8:1 zoom lets you get an overview within a 35 mm object field, then bring the detail up to 50x magnification. By adding interchangeable optics, you can observe whole specimens at sizes up to 121 mm, making Stemi 508 a top performer in its class.

But that’s not all. With its lower viewing angle of 35° Stemi 508 has better ergonomics than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope. Just stay in a relaxed working posture, even after hours of work. Stemi 508 is your robust all-rounder: easy to use, ergonomic —and always accurate.

The Future Begins Now

Axioskop A1m

Materials microscopy is following new rules. The basis: the newly developed systems platform Axio Imager and Axio Scope A1m  from Carl Zeiss, designed for quality control, quality assurance, materials analysis, and for the development of new materials. Ideal for routine applications and research, Axio Imager is setting new standards in materials microscopy.

Axio Scope A1 MAT


Axio Imager MAT

The outstanding features of this new microscope generation include:

Improved optics with superb contrast and excellent resolution
Forward-looking stand concept for highest flexibility
innovative design for maximum stability and vibration-free work
Integrated intelligence for enhanced operating comfort
Exceptional ergonomy for relaxed working
an optimal platform for imaging solutions providing precise and reproducible results in digital microscopy.

Axio Imager MAT

Axiotech Vario A1

Axiotech vario A1

Materials research, development, and analysis, together with quality control and assurance, are continually placing new demands on materials microscopy. Conventional microscopes reach their limits when it comes to the examination of large, heavy, or bulky samples. This is where Carl Zeiss steps in – with a microscope that combines precision, stability, and flexibility. Its name: Axiotech vario, the specialist for non-standard size samples. It features a large continuously adjustable specimen area and baseplate with a grid pattern of holes – guaranteeing you maximum flexibility for your needs and your experimental setups. Axiotech vario offers even more: the option of precisely determining sizes laterally and vertically with the 3-axis measuring system from Carl Zeiss. In addition, you can integrate Axiotech vario as a high-performance core in a digital imaging platform. Axiotech vario – for fast and direct results.

The microscope for large, heavy samples in quality control, materials analysis, and materials development.

Axio Observer MAT


Axio Observer MAT

With Axio Observer MAT, Carl Zeiss is providing professionals in materials microscopy with the high-performance tool they need to be successful in a wide range of diverse applications. From analyzing microstructures to measuring particles and grain size, the Axio Observer MATprovides you with maximum performance and flexibility for all areas of materials R&D, quality control, and failure analysis. Developed specifically for the industrial market, the Axio Observer MATis a powerful combination of the highlights that materials microscopists have been waiting for: high-performance optics, easy use, innovative techniques, sophisticated features, unshakable stability and an investment for the future. And all of this with your choice of a manual or motorized stand. In a nutshell: Axio Observer MATis the best player in the arena of materials microscopes. A player you'll want to have on your team since this high-end inverted materials microscope combines the benefits of brawn with an impressive array of brainy features and options.

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