Slide Scanning

ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1

Your Fast and Flexible Slide Scanner for Fluorescence and Brightfield

  • With the slide scanner microscope Axio Scan.Z1 you digitize your specimens in a reliable, reproducible way.
  • You create high-quality virtual slides and capture fluorescence images with high throughput.
  • This automated slide scanner microscope is very easy to operate. The system is designed specifically to digitize microscope slides for your research.
  • Your virtual slides are organized in a web-based database where you can view and share your data at any time.
  • Maximize your system uptime: with ZEISS Predictive Service your Axio Scan.Z1 can be monitored remotely and maintenance can be scheduled to your convenience.

Fluorescence Images:

High Speed. Top Quality.

Now you can digitize up to five fluorescence channels using three synchronized high-speed filter wheels for excitation, beam splitting and emission. Using standard filter cubes it is possible to capture up to 9 fluorescence channels. Even so, speed alone is not enough. With its sensitive cameras, highly corrected optics and perfected light sources, Axio Scan.Z1 achieves the best possible image quality. The fast LED light source Colibri 7 treats your samples very gently. You can switch excitation wavelengths in milliseconds and when using triband and quadband filter sets, no mechanical components will move in the optical beam path.

Reproducible Results Through Automatic Adjustment Routines

Calibrate your Axio Scan.Z1 automatically from geometry to color rendition. Your virtual slides will be reproduced precisely at any time: comparable between systems and over time. Your Axio Scan.Z1 is designed to generate a high volume of reproducible data - unattended and over long periods of time. You can now add ZEISS Predictive Service: expert service technicians remotely monitor your system performance. They diagnose component status and preventive maintenance can be scheduled to your convenience. You profit from maximum system uptime

The Modular Tray Concept: Allow Your System to Grow

Decide how many slides, what detection modes and what camera you want to use at the outset, then retrofit your Axio Scan.Z1 as required: as your tasks grow, it grows alongside them. The tray design affords you maximum freedom with very broad tolerances for the slides, giving you the capacity for digitizing specimen slides of 26 mm x 77 mm, 52 mm x77 mm and 106 mm x77 mm.

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