The LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy that is Gentle on Your Samples

Choose out of 13 LEDs to cover the complete standard spectrum from UV to dark red. Adjust each illumination intensity depending on the sensitivity of the sample. The narrow-band illumination reduces cross-stimulation, increasing the sensitivity of your images. There’s no UV leakage of the sort you encounter with filter-based systems with and conventional white light sources like HBOs. Profit from an excellent signal-background ratio for imaging. Thanks to the high dynamic range of the images you detect the finest details.

  • Complex Images Adjusted in Microseconds
    Switch on or off each LED. Continuously adjust their intensity in just microseconds. Direct the process via a control panel or the system control software. Or use an integrated trigger function to synchronize the imaging process for real-time applications. Achieve complex images for investigating the fastest processes in a way that’s simple and easy to reproduce.
  • Optimum Results - LED-optimized Filters and Direct Coupling Increase Sensitivity: 
    Colibri 7 uses a coupled light source that ensures homogeneous illumination at the same time. Achieve the desired narrow spectral bandwidth for any examination using additional filters. Profit from the ideal match of the LED spectrum to the filter set. From single band to quad band filters. Fibre optics that are susceptible to wear are now a thing of the past.
  • Low Cost Light Source “ Reliable Long Life LEDs:
    Long-life LEDs keep running costs low. Do away with the tiresome job of changing and adjusting high-pressure lamps (HBO/XBO/). Upgrade Colibri 7 as new LED technologies become available.

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