More functional in every component.

More economical in every configuration

Axio Scope A1 is your microscope down to the last detail.

Modularity has always been a prerequisite for customized microscope configurations. However, modularity has never before been implemented so consistently. The new all-round stand from Carl Zeiss is your microscope in every respect. With its unusual flexibility, it can be used universally and is yet individually tailored to your applications. More economical than ever

Axioscope A1 Cover

shown with optional reflected LED fluorescence accessories


because you only buy what you need at the moment. And because you have the option of extending your microscope to meet your growing demands. You will be equally impressed by the cost benefi ts and the performance. Axio Scope – the latest generation upright routine microscope.

Axioscope A1 LED

Axioscope A1


Primo Star

Axiovert A1

Axiovert A1

Features Ergonomic design:
Developed according to the latest scientific findings Ideal 20 angle: ergotube and photo-ergotube, vertically adjustable up to 50 mm Leading optics: uncompromising quality from Carl Zeiss
Innovative contrast:
Varel and oblique illumination High-end fluorescence, outstanding contrast, highest transmission
Closed ceramic-top stage surface, ergo-drives Space-saving stand: extremely sturdy High-quality processing: long-lasting robust mechanics Efficient illumination: transmitted light lamps with lifetime of approximately 4000 hours

A Genius in Economy

Developed for practices, laboratories, for universities and training courses, for medicine, pharmacology and biology, for chemistry and the environmental sciences: Primo Star, designed to make your daily work easier, giving you the benefits in ergonomics, flexibility and stability you've always wanted. A microscope that will grow with your requirements - right up to the demands of advanced fluorescence microscopy. And one of the best things about Prmo Star is the price. You'll be surprised at how affordable the outstanding Carl Zeiss quality is. Your decision for Primo Star is a long-term decision for an intelligent investment. For years to come

Leading optics:

Uncompromising Carl Zeiss quality. Easy operation: ergonomic design, variable viewing height thanks to the Siedentopf principle Innovative technique.


The differential interference contrasting technique for routineapplications Brilliant fluorescence: new 3-position slider Push&Click for greater elimination of stray light.

Efficient illumination:

35 W halogen lamp with more than a 800-hour lifetime

Exceptional stability.

Sturdy, long-lasting, robust mechanics. Flexible upgrading, ready for future demands.

Unique Down to the Last Detail


Axio Observer 3/5/7

Live cell imaging, micromanipulation on living cells never before have such rigorous demands been placed on the stability, flexibility, reliability and operating comfort of microscopes. Andnever before has there been a microscope capable of meeting these demands with such ease and elegance. Its name: Axio Observer, the state of the art in inverted microscopy from Zeiss. Axio Observer is based on the extraordinary expertise and experience of a company which has been setting international standards in inverted microscopy since 1924. A company that developed the first microscope with infinity optics. But above all: this high-end microscope surpasses earlier models in every crucial detail: the outstanding Zeiss optics with the wide range of ICS objectives, with innovative condensers and optimized fluorescence as well as with an unusual scope of sophisticated documentation and adaptation options, exceptional stability and unique ergonomic design. And Axio Observer MAT gives you the freedom to automate many routine procedures – so you save time with no loss in reliablity. As a matter of fact, Axio Observer is much more than the sum of its benefits. And why? Because it gives you a powerful basis to carry out your work in all life science applications more precisely, more rapidly and more successfully than before. In other words: it gives you the basis that ensures you’re in the lead. And that’s exactly where you need to be in science today.

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